Dave Timmons

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Dave Timmons
Residing In: Alexandria, VA USA
Spouse/Partner: Sharon K. (Brodkorb) Timmons
Family: *Bill, born 16JUN66, married, triplet 12 year olds (2g,1b), CDR in the USCG, helo pilot, Astoria, OR
*Christine, More…born 07OCT68, married, boy (14) & girl (11), elementary school teacher, Fairfax,VA
Military Service: Navy  
Dave Timmons


Yes! Attending Reunion

BS from U. of Minnesota
MS from US Naval Postgraduate School


First year of college in Calif., Long Beach State, got free room and board with my older sister Ann. Next year to U. of Minn. Got married in senior year of college (04SEP65), So. St. Paul girl, met her at Kolacky Day 1963. Early 1966, Scott Co. draft board waiting for me to graduate. I fooled them, I joined the navy to be a pilot. Reported for active duty 06APR66. Got my wings and after a few years I decided I liked what I was doing so I stayed for 26 yrs. 3 mos. Lived quite a few different places and saw a lot of the world. Served in Vietnam and came home in one piece. I retired in the summer of 1992. Like all careers, it had its ups and downs, but I enjoyed it - no regrets. I took a year off after retiring from the navy and Sharon and I traveled the states visiting friends and family and made two trips to Europe. On both Europe trips we rented a car and just went wherever we felt like going, and we went all over, total of about 70 days. What an awesome year! After goofing off for that year I got a job and worked for another five years, retired for good 17MAR98. Since then I do as much grandpa stuff as I can, I just LOVE being a grandpa! I do a lot of volunteer work, church and school. We belong to a great church community. I now do work in the yard that I used to pay people to do. Sharon loves to garden so I do all the manuel labor connected with that. I keep busy. I've run three marathons since I turned 53, the last one at 60. Except for three and a half years, we have lived in our home since 1981. We live in the Mount Vernon area of Alexandria, VA, about a mile from the George Washington plantation and about 13 miles south of the Mall in downtown Washington, DC, just off the Potomac river. We like the area and our neighborhood. We have four seasons, spring and fall are very nice. Life is good, we are very blessed.


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School Story:

1. Sophomore year of high school, PhyEd class, outside, spring, an office runner comes out and tells Mr. Preston that Mr. O'Day (sp?) wants to see Dave Timmons in his office. Mr. Preston tells me to go shower, change, and go see Mr. O'Day in his office. All the time I'm thinking, "What the hell did I do?" I get to Mr. O'Day's office and he unsmilingly tells me to sit down. There is no "small talk". He says to me, "It's time to pick your classes for next year." First off, I'm greatly relieved that I am not in trouble! Next years classes, I had not given that much, if any, thought. The wheels started turning and I rattled off the easiest classes I could think of. Actually, I was quite proud of myself. Mr. O'Day looked at me hard, looked mean as hell, paused for a moment and then said, "No your not! Your taking chemistry, solid geometry, etc. Any questions?" I was in shock! I'm thinking, "I can't take those classes! I don't want to take those classes!", but I said, "No sir." You didn't butt heads with Mr. O'Day. That was it! Did I complain to my folks (Dad)? Ha! So Mr. O'Day shoved me down an academic path for my last two years of high school that I had NO intention of taking. Sadly, I never got to thank him for that.

2. Sports, I just loved playing sports, and all that went with it: friends, camaraderie, teamwork, thrills, etc. Looking back on it, the life lessons I learned playing sports were probably as valuable as anything I learned in the classroom.

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Dave Timmons has a birthday today.
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Dave Timmons has a birthday today.
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